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Ductless Heat Pump Installation

OTTAWA DUCTLESS HEAT PUMPS Installing Ductless Heating
& Cooling

Going ductless? You can count on Crestway HVAC to have you covered with professional ductless heat pump installations in Ottawa. Working on a new home addition? Ductless heat pumps are the perfect solution for you! Get in touch with us today to get a ductless heat pump installed in your home.



WHY CHOOSE DUCTLESS? Homeowners & Business
Are Going Ductless

Ductless heat pumps and ductless air conditioners, are excellent alternatives to window AC units and baseboard heating. Unlike the AC units and baseboard heating, ductless heating and cooling systems are far more efficient as they only require a small hole to be drilled. As a result, you are less vulnerable to the loss of temperature through leakage, a common problem with window heating and cooling units.

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Single-Zone Vs. Multi-Zone Heat Pump Systems Installing a Ductless
Heat Pump

Ductless heat pumps can be installed as single-zone systems or multi-zone systems. A single-zone heat pump has one unit with one indoor and one outdoor head. A multi-zone system consists of one outdoor unit that is connected to multiple indoor units. If you’re looking to heat multiple rooms with your system, a multi-zone system allows you to control the temperature in various rooms throughout your house. If your house is smaller or has an open-concept layout, a single-zone system is right for you.

Interested in a ductless heat pump system but unsure of which type of system is right for you? Our team at Crestway Heating & Cooling would be happy to help you decide which system would be best for your house depending on the layout and your specific needs.

Energy Efficient Heating & Cooling A Safer Alternative for Heating Your Home

Heat pumps generate more heat for each unit of energy that they use. As a result, heat pumps are more energy-efficient and you’re saving money on your total expenses every month. Heat pumps are also a safer alternative for heating your home since they don’t produce any dangerous by-products. Heat pumps use electricity making them safer for you and your family to enjoy a warm home.

If you’re looking for a new heating solution for your home and are considering a heat pump, contact Crestway Heating & Cooling in Ottawa to learn more about heat pump installation.

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Ductless Heat Pumps FAQs

A ductless heat pump takes warm air from one location and moves it to another. It consists of two main components, an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit. They can be installed as a single zone or multi-zone system based on your home’s specific needs. Heat is transferred through a cycle of evaporation and condensation, as a refrigerant substance is distributed throughout the system by a compressor pump. The refrigerant substance absorbs the heat from the surrounding area all while the condensing process releases the heat previously absorbed.

If you have any more questions about ductless heat pumps, contact our team at Crestway Heating and Cooling today!

There are a few benefits of having a ductless heat pump installed in your home. One of the main benefits is that they can be easily installed in homes that do not currently contain any ductwork. They are also a great solution if you have a central system that is already working at capacity. Ductless heat pumps will be able to work alongside your main heating method. Other benefits include their size, ease of installation and energy efficiency.

If you’re interested in learning more about whether a ductless heat pump of right for your home, contact our team!

At least once a year.

We recommend scheduling heat pump maintenance with an experienced technician at least once a year. If your ductless heat pump system is the main system for heating and cooling in your home, it would be a good idea to have it checked twice a year. Regular maintenance checks will ensure that your system is functioning as efficiently as possible. It will also allow us to spot any small issues and fix them before it becomes a larger problem that could end up costing you more money.

When was the last time your heat pump system was serviced? Schedule us for ductless heat pump maintenance today!

Yes, it can! Ductless heat pumps can be installed as a single zone or multi-zone system. For houses that are smaller and open concept, a single zone system will be able to handle your heating and cooling needs. For homes with more rooms, a multi-zone system will allow you to have better control over the temperature in various areas in your home.

If you have any more questions about installing a ductless heat pump system in your home, contact our team today!

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