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Adding a fireplace to your house in Ottawa can be a great way to increase comfort and make your home, feel like home.
For fireplace installations in Ottawa, hire the fireplace experts! At Crestway HVAC, we are proud to offer a variety of fireplace services to meet your needs and help create your dream home.



A Fireplace

Adding a fireplace to your home in Ottawa can help keep you warm during the winter months, but it also has plenty of additional benefits.
It adds a beautiful touch to any room, allows for cost-efficient heating, and it can make your house feel like more like a home. With all of these fireplace benefits, it’s no wonder that many Ottawa homeowners are choosing fireplace installations!
gas fireplace installed by Crestway HVAC in Ottawa

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gas fireplace installed in a home in Ottawa

Electric or Gas Fireplace Installation Choosing the Right Type of Fireplace for Your Home

The two main types of fireplaces that homeowners in Ottawa are installing are gas and electric fireplaces. Gas fireplaces are popular because they are a heating source that is convenient, efficient, and low-maintenance. They are also easy to install, especially if you have an existing wood-burning fireplace, you can purchase an insert to convert it to a gas fireplace.
Electric fireplaces don’t emit as much heat, in comparison to gas fireplaces. However, they are still efficient to use for zone heating and they’re energy-efficient. Electric fireplaces come in a variety of styles and sizes that are usually portable. This allows for flexibility and safety when used in different spaces around your home.

Expert Electric & Gas Fireplace Technicians Fireplace Repairs & Maintenance in Ottawa

Compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces, gas and electric fireplaces are much easier to clean and maintain. Although there is little to no smoke, cinder, or ashes left behind, maintenance is still recommended to keep your fireplace running as safely and efficiently as possible. During a maintenance check, our expert technicians will inspect the exterior to make sure the unit is still properly mounted, check the glass for any cracks, vacuum the interior, look at the external chimney structure, and more!
If any issues arise, our team will be able to repair your fireplace before these small issues become larger problems, ultimately extending the life of your gas or electric fireplace.
Crestway HVAC Technician Repairing a Fireplace

Electric & Gas Fireplace Faqs

It can be as quick as a one-day job or a week-long project. The length of time it takes to install a fireplace depends on the model and where you’d like the fireplace to be installed. Some models take longer to install than others and the ease of installation can vary based on the layout of your home. At Crestway HVAC, our technicians will do their best to complete the installation as soon as possible without sacrificing quality or safety.

If you’re interested in learning more about our fireplace installation services in Ottawa, contact our team today!

The main types of fireplaces include wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and electric fireplaces. Nowadays, many homeowners are choosing to install gas and electric fireplaces due to their ease of installation, maintenance, and upkeep. Gas fireplaces are very similar to wood fireplaces. They produce a small amount of smoke, which requires proper ventilation. Gas fireplaces are easy to control since the system uses gas, you can adjust the amount used to increase or decrease the size of the flame and the amount of heat being emitted. An electric fireplace is simply an electric heater that mimics a traditional fireplace. They are simply powered by a plug in your wall, so no ventilation is required.

Selecting the type of fireplace to install in your home depends on your preferences and the style you are going for. Our team at Crestway HVAC would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding installing a fireplace in your home. Contact us today!

It depends! Based on the type of fireplace you’re installing and the specific safety guidelines for the given model, you should be fine mounting or installing electronics above your fireplace. Many gas and electric fireplaces have heat reduction systems that help prevent your wall from absorbing heat. As well, you can install a mantle to stop heat from reaching your TV or entertainment system. You’ll also have to be cautious about the distance between the fireplace and the electronics that you are installing. You must ensure that you’re not installing them too close together.

If you have any questions regarding fireplace installation and safety, contact our team at Crestway HVAC.

Many homeowners choose to install gas fireplaces because they’re easier to maintain and use than traditional wood fireplaces. Although they burn with almost no smoke, cinder, or ashes left behind, maintenance is still recommended ensuring your system is functioning efficiently and safely. Ultimately extending the life of your fireplace. Regular cleaning can be done by you if you feel comfortable doing so. Or, you can bring our team of fireplace technicians in for maintenance services. We also recommend booking an annual inspection so that you can ensure your fireplace is working properly!

Interested in our fireplace installation or maintenance services? Contact our team at Crestway HVAC in Ottawa!

Yes! Since these types of fireplaces use an electric heater for heat rather than burning fuel, these highly efficient fireplaces waste no energy.

Contact us today to see which type of fireplace fits within your home!

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