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Garage Heating

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If you’ve ever felt the comfort of a heated garage, you already know just how great it is. Thinking of getting your garage heated this winter? At Crestway HVAC, we’re a leading company for garage heater installation, maintenance, and repair services. Get in touch with our team. Our expert technicians know all about garage heating installations in Ottawa, including garage heating units and heated flooring for your garage.



WHY HEAT YOUR GARAGE? The Benefits Of Heating
Your Garage

Having a heated garage can feel like a dream for many homeowners, especially when you’ve got ongoing renovations and home projects. A heated garage is a great way to improve the comfort and safety of your family. While a space heater might be most people’s first choice when you’re spending some time in a cold garage, they are not always the most efficient or safe option. With a heated garage, you can extend your home projects into the winter, allowing you to safely use your space year-round. Here are some additional benefits:
Garage Heating


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Whether you’re looking to heat a one-car or 4-car garage, our team at Crestway HVAC has got you covered. You can rely on our team to recommend the best make and model of garage heater to have installed. We’ll ensure that your garage is heated efficiently so that you can enjoy your heated garage without any stress! Based on the size of your garage and your intentions for your heated garage, our team will be able to provide a recommendation for a garage heating solution. They’ll be able to determine whether a heating unit or heated flooring would be the best option for you to efficiently heat your garage.

At Crestway HVAC, we only recommend and install brands that we trust. The safety, warmth, and comfort of your family are a priority of ours. Our professional garage heating services in the Ottawa area offer you quality results that you can depend on to keep you warm during the winter months.

Garage Heating Installation, Maintenance & Repair Trust Crestway HVAC for Garage Heater Installation

Our team of expert technicians has been serving Ottawa and surrounding areas since 2014. Winter in Ottawa comes with cold snaps and unpredictable weather conditions, making it necessary to invest in heating services. Heated garages have become popular among homeowners looking to say goodbye to their indoor walk-in freezer. This is why we have spent years becoming experts in this area of heating services. We aim to provide you with comprehensive services so that you can rest assured that your garage is being heated in the most energy-efficient and safest way possible.

If you’re interested in working with Crestway HVAC to get started on finding the right garage heating solution for you, contact our team!

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Garage Heater Faqs

No, do not leave your garage heater on at all times. Keeping safety in mind, ensure that you’re following the recommended maintenance schedules for your garage heating system and turn it off when you leave the room. When it comes to garage heaters, you only want to keep them running when you’re using the space!

If you’re interested in installing a garage heater in Ottawa, contact our team at Crestway Heating & Cooling!

We recommend having your garage heating unit serviced by a professional at least once a year. This annual check will allow you to ensure that your unit is working as efficiently as possible and is safe to use for another winter season. A professional will also be able to check your garage heater for any minor issues and take care of them before they become a more expensive problem.

If you would like to schedule garage heater maintenance for your system, contact our team at Crestway Heating & Cooling.

If you’re someone who tends to use their garage in the winter or you’re looking to expand your space at home, installing a garage heater allows you to do just that. When you’re deciding on whether to invest in a garage heater, you’ll want to consider how frequently you’ll be using it. Having a heated garage can be useful if you’re working on home projects, giving you the extra space to work on them year round.

If you’re interested in a heated garage, contact our team at Crestway Heating & Cooling, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Yes! We have lots of experience calculating the right size garage heater for various sizes of garages in the Ottawa area. Our team will measure your garage and use that measurement to determine the appropriate amount of BTU’s required to efficiently heat your garage. BTU’s, or British Thermal Units is the standard way of measuring heating capacity.

If you’re interested in having a garage heater installed in your garage, contact our team at Crestway Heating & Cooling.

For most homes, water pipes run through or near your garage. However, garages aren’t properly insulated and are often the coldest area of a home in the winter. If your pipes run through your garage and they aren’t properly insulted they are at risk of freezing. Having a heated garage helps you regulate the temperature of any water pipes in the area. 

If you’re someone who uses their garage as a workspace, heating will allow you to extend your use of the space throughout the winter. Garages can get pretty cold and no one wants to work on projects in cold temperatures. Adding a heating system to your garage will allow you to use the space year-round. 

If you’re interested in finding a heating system that is appropriate for your garage, contact our team at Crestway HVAC today. 

While Garage Heaters are relatively safe, there are several things you should consider when choosing the type of garage heater. 

If you’re looking for a natural or propane gas heater, you will need to consider ventilation and fuel supply.

However, the safest option is to talk to a professional! Contact us today so see which garage heater is right for you!

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