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You can come home to a warm house with warm floors this winter when you hire Crestway HVAC. As Ottawa’s expert HVAC technicians, we can handle all things related to your home’s heating, heated floor installations included. Before you renovate your floors, take some time to consider heated flooring – it’s an investment that you’ll enjoy for years to come, and we’d be more than happy to help.




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Floor Heating

Heated flooring, or radiant floor heating, is a dream for many homeowners. Unlike space heaters or electric baseboard heaters, heated floors provide heat distribution that can be enjoyed evenly throughout an entire room.

While most homeowners want heated flooring systems is their basement, bathroom or living room, but the possibilities are endless. Hire Crestway HVAC to enjoy heated flooring in your Ottawa home.

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Living Room Floor, Bathroom Floor & More Enjoy Heated Flooring
Throughout Your Home

Hot air rises. When you’re heating your home using just the conventional methods of a heating system and furnace, most of that heat floats up to the ceiling. Heated floors use plastic tubing under your floorboards that circulate warm water. The heat is evenly distributed throughout meaning you don’t have to worry about cold spots!

Ottawa’s winters are cold and no matter how well heated or insulated your home is, the flooring gets cold! Walking on cold flooring is no one’s favourite feeling. With a heated floor, you’ll enjoy the warmth with every step you take! Whether you want heated flooring for your bedroom, living room or bathroom, our Crestway Heating & Cooling team is here to help with your heated flooring installation in Ottawa.

In-Floor Heating Faqs

In-floor heating is a method of heating that uses cables or coils under the floor to circulate heat throughout your home. This method of heating allows for heat to be better dispersed in a way that decreases the amount of heat in areas that aren’t beneficial such as near the ceiling. Modern in-floor heating is a heating system built for homes and for our planet with affordable pricing and eco-friendly in use.

Contact Crestway HVAC today to learn more about in-floor heating!

You can definitely heat your entire home with in-floor heating. Even though in-floor heating is typically used for specific rooms within your house, it is still an effective way to heat your home – much like how some buildings use water radiator heaters to heat homes.

Yes! In-floor heating is both eco-friendly and cost-friendly. This system of heating has a larger surface that spreads the heat closer to where it is needed. This system also doesn’t use vents which create air drafts and cold pockets inside a home. With these two factors, in-floor heating reduces the amount of energy used to create a warm area.

In-floor heating is a cost-friendly alternative to regular heating systems because they use lower temperatures to get a space heated than a generator would require. Using less energy allows in-floor heating to cost less overall than other forms of heating.

For more information about the cost of in-floor heating and its impact on the environment, contact Crestway HVAC today and speak to one of our highly skilled technicians!

Everyone’s ideal temperature will be different, but a comfortable temperature to set for your in-floor heating is between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius. That being said, heated floors can be set as high as 40 degrees depending on the flooring.

In-floor heating comes with many benefits. One of these benefits is the aesthetic that it provides. With in-floor heating, there are no radiators looking out of place and taking up useful space, leaving you with extra room in your home and the look that you want. Another benefit is the sanitary advantage. The heating in the floor doesn’t allow for bacteria and fungi to grow, rather eliminating them before they become a problem. This creates a cleaner environment for children and pets.

These aren’t the only benefits that come with in-floor heating, contact Crestway HVAC today to learn more about the many benefits!

Yes! In-floor heating systems don’t create the air drafts that conventional heating systems cause, this means that there is less circulation of dust. Without dust, pollen, and other allergens being moved by air, allergies become less prominent in the home. Not only does in-floor heating remove allergen circulations, but it also creates a heated environment that is not fit for dust mites which are a big cause of allergies. In-floor heating is also frequently put in with tile or other solid flooring which is easier to clean and reduces the amount of dust in a home.

Contact Crestway HVAC today to learn more about the benefits of in-floor heating for people who suffer from allergies!

Yes, you can. On particularly cold days, you may be tempted to leave your in-floor heating on all day – but are wondering whether it is safe to do so. In-floor heating systems are made to ensure they can be used for extended periods of time with no issues. If you have any questions about what to do after your in-floor heating system is installed, our team will walk you through the process! 

Ready to say goodbye to cold floors when you wake up in the morning? Contact our team to get started on choosing an in-floor heating system that’s right for you. 

In-floor heating installation can be quite a large project that should be completed by experts at an HVAC company that have plenty of experience. To make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible, reach out to the professionals at Crestway HVAC. We handle all things related to home heating and the possibilities are endless. From the floor heating installation to the thermostat connection, we can help you create comfortable and convenient spaces in your home.

Once your heated floors and installed, you will be able to control the temperatures using a digital thermostat. When you get in-floor heating installed by the professionals at Crestway HVAC, they will be able to demonstrate how to use and change the temperature of your heated floors with the thermostat.

Depending on the in-floor heating system you have installed in your home, it can take some time between 30 minutes and 4 hours to heat up. Because it can take a few hours, depending on the room, it’s usually advised to keep them on at all times, especially during the winter. A few things that can cause this time frame to vary include:

  • Size of floor space
  • Amount of furniture
  • Broken heating panels
  • Warmer or colder seasons
  • Electrical vs water-based underfloor heating

Opting for an in-floor heating installation can definitely be worth considering if you’re replacing your floors or doing a home renovation. They make no noise, improve comfort levels, are energy efficient, non-allergenic compared to forced air heating, and can increase the value of your home as well! Contact Crestway HVAC today to get a free estimate.

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