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Pool Heater Installation

ELECTRIC & GAS POOL HEATERS IN Ottawa Professional Pool Heater

For professional pool heater installations and repairs in Ottawa, people often choose Crestway. As experienced pool heater and water heater technicians, we confidently offer a range of services for your pool heating needs to all of our Ottawa clients.

Get in touch with us for gas and electric pool heater services in Ottawa. We’ll be sure to be in touch with you shortly to find a heating solution for your pool.




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Owning a pool can be a lot of fun, it allows you to wind down and make the most of the warm weather. As the summer winds down, so does the warm weather and as a result – pool season comes to an end here in Ottawa.

With a pool heater, you can enjoy your pool for extended periods. Enjoy your pool during the spring, fall, on cloudy summer days, and into the cold of the night.
Pool Heater Installation
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Ottawa Pool Heater Solutions A Durable Investment for Your Residential Pool

Pool heaters are known to be one of the wisest, low-maintenance investments you can make for the overall benefit of your pool. Pool heaters are known to require very little attention, so once our team of professionals here at Crestway has installed it for you, you can have peace of mind knowing it is working well, and will work well the entire season.

We recommend having your pool heater checked once a year by one of our trained experts to see if there are any minor repairs that must be performed. Besides this, however, you can just set it and forget it.

Contact us today and we will be happy to install your new pool heater in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Pool Heater Faqs

Pool heaters are not strictly necessary, however, they have plenty of benefits. From being able to open your pool earlier each season to increased health benefits, everybody can benefit from installing a pool heater.

When you are ready to take the step to install a new pool heater in your yard, do not hesitate to contact Crestway HVAC. We will handle your pool installation in a timely and cost-effective manner. Rest easy and trust the professionals!

Pool heat pumps do not actually produce heated water. What they do is they take in heated natural air from outside, and convert it into gas. It is then pushed into the heat pump water heater. The pool heater then filters in water from the pool and passes it through the heat pump water heater to heat your pool water to your desired temperature.

If you believe a new pool heater is right for you, contact us today! You won’t regret taking this step towards the best pool possible.

It all depends on how often the heater is used. We have seen heaters last twenty years when they are used lightly. On average, a heater will last around twelve years. If you are still using a gas heater, expect them to only last approximately six or seven years.

If your pool heater is on its last legs, contact Crestway HVAC today. We will handle your old heaters extraction and removal from your property, as well as install a brand-new pool heater so you can keep enjoying your outdoor space.

Yes, pool heaters can be installed inside a shed as long as the proper ventilation is available to the heater. However, if you use a heat pump, it cannot be installed inside a shed. It is important never to install a pool heater inside a residential building unless the heater is specifically designed for that, this can lead to dangerous outcomes.

To take the proper steps to revitalize your pool, contact Crestway HVAC today to book a water heater installation appointment!